BioBoss is a monthly podcast about leadership in the biopharma community. Wyant Simboli Principal and BioBoss host, John Simboli, speaks one-on-one with founders and CEOs to hear their insights and to ask “what drives you?,” “how do you make change?” and “why should we care?”

John launched BioBoss in 2019 to pursue his lifelong fascination with storytelling and build on his more than 30 years of partnering with corporate founders and CEOs. John’s experience gives him first-hand knowledge of what science tells us about the power of storytelling — our brains become more active when we tell and hear stories because we relive moments and re-experience them in new and revealing ways that are personal to each of us. In this way, BioBoss is a direct extension of how Wyant Simboli looks at corporate branding. We collaborate with our clients to “uncover” authentic corporate stories. We don’t invent them.

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