Silicon Therapeutics employee at microscope

A Quantum Leap in Medicine



Investors and potential partners frequently mis-categorized Silicon Therapeutics as a drug discovery company using artificial intelligence software and high-throughput computer screening to identify potential drug candidates. In fact, Silicon Therapeutics combines its computational physics-driven drug design platform, quantum physics, statistical thermodynamics, molecular simulations, a dedicated HPC super-computing cluster, purpose-built software, in-house laboratory and clinical development capabilities—all to design small molecule therapeutics.


We created a brand story and corporate website to show that Silicon Therapeutics is currently the only company which combines the entire spectrum of proprietary physics-driven drug discovery process from chip-to-clinic. We worked with the company to clarify their brand story and explain their scientific approach to investors and other key audiences, showing the company is advancing its pipeline of potential therapeutics for formerly intractable targets, including its highly differentiated small molecule STimulator of Interferon Genes (STING) agonist for the treatment of cancer.
Silicon Therapeutics employees in office.
Silicon Therapeutics employees in lab.
Silicon Therapeutics employees in lab.
Silicon Therapeutics supercomputing server rack
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