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We See Disease Differently



The scientific understanding that genetics play a key role in age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is relatively new. Gemini was frequently perceived to be an ophthalmology company rather than a precision therapeutics company and it was not clear to investors why the company is pursuing multiple biologically distinct targets and simultaneously researching multiple therapeutic modalities.


We created a new brand identity and corporate website to show that Gemini is accelerating the development of new and more effective therapeutics through deeper understanding of disease. We worked with Gemini to clarify their brand story and explain their scientific approach to investors, showing that the company is adapting precision medicine techniques for use in genetically-driven diseases with high unmet clinical need such as AMD.
Gemini Therapeutics Employees in Office
Gemini Therapeutics Brand Guidelines Cover
Gemini Therapeutics Brand Guidelines Iconography
Gemini Therapeutics Brand Guidelines Presentation
Gemini Therapeutics Brand Guidelines Stationery
Gemini Therapeutics Employees in Office
Gemini Therapeutics Employee in Office
Gemini Therapeutics Employees in Lab