Computer chip/molecular design concept animation.

Discovery as a Service



The success rate for therapeutic candidates in the current research and development process has not improved in decades. About one in 20,000-30,000 pre-clinical candidates and only 10-20% of clinical trial candidates progress to marketing approval. Advanced drug discovery computational tools have the potential to dramatically improve these success rates but access to these tools is limited and the barriers to entry are prohibitively high. This leaves too many researchers shooting in the dark and too many people waiting for new treatment options.


Wyant Simboli created a brand story and corporate website to express how TandemAI is committed to democratizing access to next-generation technologies and improving the lives of patients waiting for new treatment options. We employed our “Know and Tell” storytelling approach to articulate how researchers around the world now have access to the TandemAI integrated drug discovery platform through a user-friendly interface of AI and physics-based drug discovery tools, super-computing infrastructure, and fully integrated wet lab.


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