Psivant Employees in front of monitor with molecular model.

Designing Better Therapeutics, Atom by Atom


For decades, the vast nature of chemical space has presented intractable challenges to addressing a wide range of targets for diseases with high unmet need. Psivant Therapeutics is one of a select group of biotech companies advancing a paradigm shift in biotechnology by pioneering a physics-driven approach to drug design that is tightly coupled to chemistry and biology research and development. From a storytelling and branding perspective, a key challenge is how to clearly articulate a combination of complex science, collaborative culture and steadfast commitment to developing medicines for patients in need.


Wyant Simboli created a new name and corporate identity and developed the brand story and corporate website to express how Psivant is applying its computationally robust physics-based free energy methods to develop better therapeutics, atom by atom. We worked closely with Psivant’s CEO to create a vibrant brand identity tighly aligned with the company’s industry-leading science and the vitality of its multi-disciplinary team of experts in physics, computer-aided drug design, chemistry and structural biology.
Psivant employee at a microscope.
Group of Psivant employees at happy hour.
Psivant employee in conversation.
Psivant employee in conversation.
Psivant employee in conversation.