Rare Heroes


Each year on the last day of February people around the world observe Rare Disease Day and try to raise awareness about rare diseases, improve access to treatment, and help support the families of patients. Alexion Pharmaceuticals, an important contributor in the rare disease space, chose Wyant Simboli to create an internal brand to help unite the company’s cultural identity with the goals of Rare Disease Day celebrations.


We developed a Rare Disease Day brand built on the connection between rare genes and the opportunity for Alexion employees, while wearing denim jeans and denim ribbons, to contribute to the Rare Disease Day effort. Wyant Simboli created brand extensions including email, factsheet, field kit, poster and presentation and produced the live global town hall webcast featuring in-person and video accounts by patients who discussed the challenges they face and the support they need.



Ultra-Committed to awareness rare disease day poster
Rare Heroes rare disease day poster
Day-byDay, Hand-in-Hand Rare Disease Day Banner
Alexion Rare Disease Day Title Slide