Chemtura Brochure Cover

The Future Through Chemistry



Chemtura, a specialty chemical company operating in 11 countries and headquartered in Philadelphia, engaged Wyant Simboli to help reposition the corporate brand to align with its reorganization. As a company often viewed through the perspective of its product line, Chemtura had the opportunity to work with us to express its core story through four strategic pillars and connect this evolving story to a visual rebranding in the form of its CEO Update.


We collaborated with Chemtura senior executives to articulate the CEOs vision of four strategic pillars as the foundation for its “way forward” story. Wyant Simboli organized this story within a visual structure expressing how the new strategy presented opportunities for synergies across markets and geographies. In this way, we helped Chemtura to address investors with its restructuring story, while simultaneously capturing the attention of potential customers through a visually compelling overview of Chemtura’s markets and products.


Chemtura Brochure: Agriculture and Innovation
Chemtura Brochure: Asia Pacific
Chemtura Brochure: Europe, Middle East and Africa
Chemtura Brochure: Electronics & Energy
Chemtura Brochure: Transportation